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the government says it's safe. >> we're going to show what you samsung is doing doing to step up the competition between two company that's hate each other. stay with us. >>> that breaking news from oakland a jury found a man guilty of killing someone here for a job interview with google nearly three years ago. george huggins now faces a possible life sentence out possibility of parole, prosecuters say huggins shot and killed the victim during a series ever robberies. kang was in virginia for the google interview. he had gone downtown to have his teeth cleaned at a friend's office. >> new details coming out of syria tonight. both syrian government and rebels are kusing each other of a chemical attack. there are more, there was more violence today just 24 hours after a rocket slammed into a neighborhood 25 people were killed and dozens wounded. there is no evidence of that, but these videos are being analyzed to see if it matches a phone ashl tack. speaking in israel the president reiterated a warning to syrian leadership. >> the assad regime must understand they'll be held account yablt for the
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1